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We offer professional consultation, training, and mentoring services to help you become a skilled communicator and leader.

The Hardest Thing in the World Is to Lead, Not Just Manage

Business doesn’t prepare executives anymore. Executive succession planning and grooming are things of the past. That’s where LinQuage steps in. Good strategy, like good leadership, doesn’t just happen. Coaching, mentoring, teaching, and applying subtle skills make the simple conversations between individuals in your organization into real opportunities to lead and develop your human capital.

Our Offerings

Our Coaching Services Provide Personal Attention To Develop Great Leadership In Our Clients.

Why Us

  • Organizational Leadership Development Plans.
  • A proven method that allows for custom content at the organization, small group, or individual level.
  • Monthly or quarterly benchmark reporting.
  • Custom programs for C-level, upper and middle management, and staff.
  • Leadership training across a wide variety of industries.
  • Experience in C-level, operation, sales, transition, manufacturing, and other disciplines.
  • One-on-one, core improvement training tailored for your leadership experience levels.
  • Management to Leadership Group Webinars.


Leaders are more challenged today than ever to make decisions, communicate them to their stakeholders, and do so flawlessly. LinQuage mentors leaders in some of the finer art of those communication skills, such as preparation mechanics and the understanding of those being communicated with to increase the viability of the message and create swifter, more binding results.


I’m often asked what the difference is between coaching and mentoring. Mentoring is a “two-way street.”, a partnership that evolves and continues learning, growing, and morphing as conditions in business change. I have never created a mentoring agreement with an end date. A renewal date, yes, but never projecting an end. Why? Because LinQuage and I are in it for the duration. We will laugh and moan; we will get emotional and celebrate. But we are a team. Professional mentoring gets you to places you never dreamed of because it makes you think in ways you’ve never thought of before.

Personal Coaching for Improvement

Unlike mentoring, coaching has a precise and deliberate approach. It may be to create a new set of skills for a new manager, to develop leadership communication capabilities for a middle manager becoming a VP, or for a C-level executive looking to transition to another role or into retirement. Coaching is specific to a task and usually limited in scope and duration.

Group Leadership Workshops

Do you have a specific concern that encompasses your entire leadership team? Your entire organization? LinQuage is accomplished at designing, delivering, and measuring the results of specific group leadership topics designed to convey, enlighten, and train your human capital to embrace the content you need to deliver efficiently and in a fashion that creates enablement and empowerment.

Leadership Development Program

No two organizations have the same structure, culture, or operational goals. Not competitors, not even the same organization a few years apart. Expansion, contraction, obsolescence, or hyper-growth with new product R&D: nothing stays the same, so how can anyone mentor, coach, and train use an inflexible formula? We don’t! We’ll even create training materials for your company.

Other Available Disciplines

Sales Leadership Mentoring Coaching and Training

Does Sales Leadership Lead Differently? “We Don’t Just Think So, We Know So!”

Operational Leadership Mentoring Coaching and Training

Leading to a Standard, Not a Quota: KPIs are Critical.

Stay Ahead of the Curve: Our Training Programs

  1. Unlock Your Leadership Potential with LinQuage’s Expert Training Programs
  2. Lead with Confidence: Join LinQuage’s Dynamic Leadership Training
  3. Elevate Your Leadership Skills with LinQuage’s Personalized Training Solutions
  4. Get Ahead in Your Career with LinQuage’s Innovative Leadership Development Programs
  5. Develop Your Team’s Potential with LinQuage’s Professional Team Building Workshops
  6. Learn to Communicate Effectively with LinQuage’s Comprehensive Communication Skills Training
  7. Manage Change with Ease: Discover LinQuage’s Proven Change Management Techniques
  8. Transform Your Leadership Style with LinQuage’s Engaging Training Programs
  9. Boost Your Leadership Skills and Inspire Your Team with LinQuage’s Results-Driven Training
  10. Take Your Leadership to the Next Level with LinQuage’s Cutting-Edge Training Solutions.
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