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Our Story

Based in Long Beach, CA, we are dedicated to linking the language of business to success. We offer end-to-end Business Consultancy services, Coaching, Mentoring, and Training to organizations.

Robert Pappas

As with our approach to mentoring, coaching, and training, presenting our organization and services to you should be a personal process built specifically for those individuals and organizations we engage with. Others that are in this profession work hard to be impressive, with lengthy explanations of titles and positions, but after looking at it from your point of view, we felt that this bio should be more about what you may think is valuable, 

Here is a little history (but not much). We’ve led large organizations like Xerox, Staples, Kofax, and Dresser Industries. We have three different pioneering roles or outright start-ups under our belts. We’ve held titles from Chief Operations Officer, Executive Vice President, and even Manager, and we’ve been blessed to work in and understand both sides of the house, operations, and sales.

We have worked with Special Olympics, the American Marketing Association, Goodwill Industries, and CSU Student Athletics. In every role, our mentors, coaches, and trainers have helped the people we have connected with to improve, level up, find new levels of success, accelerate career paths, and better serve their organizations.

I’m a single dad of two baseball athletes. One is graduating college, the other a junior, soon to be a senior, in high school. Lastly, the beach is and has always been, my happy place.

But in the end, the only thing that matters is what we can do together. Your ability to better engage, manage challenges, motivate yourself and others, and create personal and professional success by leveraging your inherent untapped powers will be accessed and honed.

Finally, and most importantly, we will choose to work together. Our initial conversation will open the connection between us and allow us to be transparent with one another if we feel we are a fit. That’s what makes for great mentoring, coaching, and training.


Robert Pappas

Business trainer near interactive board in meeting room during presentation

About Us

LinQuage is a full-service provider of Business Consultancy, Coaching, Mentoring, and Training to organizations. Our simple core belief is that better communication, in particular, improves leadership and leads to greater, more consistent success.

LinQuage stresses the simple fact that great leaders are not only more decisive but also better at communicating and, in that way, better at leading than just managing. The ability to pull rather than push those being led is a guiding principle that moves people from mediocrity to excellence.

LinQuage Consulting believes that people desire leadership, not management. Through communication and understanding people will overachieve, benefitting the organization, its leadership, and themselves.

Our Mission

In the words of Robert Pappas, Founder, LinQuage: it is my calling to gracefully and respectfully share the gifts, knowledge, and wisdom I’ve received with the pure intention of helping others help themselves and others. This is more than just my want and desire; it is a responsibility to teach and train people to be better humans with the experience, education, and information we have been blessed to receive.

Once given the tools to communicate their desires, passions, needs, and wants, humans, will share more readily, contribute additionally to the greater good, and receive more valuable gifts from life.

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