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Here’s the way this works

We can accept the perceptions of those around us, working hard to be what they have prescribed for us. Their beliefs define the best we can be to fulfill their expectations.


We can struggle, we can fight, we can learn, we can listen, we can emulate those people around us who we perceive can help us achieve more. We can strive to learn and add more to our skills, our minds, our hearts, and souls.

The ability to communicate our needs and desires in a way that motivates others around us to be better is the key. 

Better partners, better teammates, better leaders, and in that way leave a wake of our passions. The wake I’m talking about isn’t made by some unknown force but is an outbound energy we create giving of ourselves that leaves people wanting to hear what we have to say.

They reach back to us, they want to be around us

They know that what we are saying is heartfelt 

They’ll know they matter and what you are sharing matters

 and they will feel you give to them the authentic you.

Empathy. Caring about them and giving your energy so they understand you hear them and in return express your passion in that way that changes the way they think and their perceptions of you.  They will become wake creators and feel themselves change, and their desires change.  They will see and feel differently about you. The ripples of that wake expand and influence everyone they touch.

So today, and every day, reach out in a way that embraces what others care about and in that way, they’ll hear better hear you. They will act on what you’re sharing because your communication is open and authentic and makes them a better human, it also makes you a better human, catching them in your wake so they will go out and do the same.

Link together the things that matter to them with the things that matter to you and in that way, you will find success…

and leave a wake.

Robert Pappas


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