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It’s very telling…

I implore you, please stop being a teller! And I don’t mean a bank teller, I mean someone that chooses to make sure that your point is made before hearing someone else’s.

In the most caring and considerate way, I want you to be a collector of information and give yourself the power to get your message across in a way that communicates to the person who’s listening.

Of all the things that we have to unlearn, it is the simple fact that we believe in this digital age the transmission of information is communication.

The simplest way to make that happen and become an active listener to get your point across is;

  • Show that you see how they feel.
    • “Wow, I can see you’re upset, frustrated, passionate…”
  • Both empathy and compassion are expressed.
  • Acknowledge and soften your understanding…
    • “I can understand how you might feel that way”, “lots of people are feeling that”, “I’ve felt like that myself…
  • I’m present, listening, 
  • Ask a question that leads to real communication and the potential to understanding
  • “Help me to understand better exactly what’s making you feel this way?”
    • Let them tell you where they are so you can frame your point to be better understood and accepted.

These simple steps will make your communication and the opportunity to accomplish the presentation of your information into a valuable conversation versus just telling someone what you think.

Is that important? I think it’s crucial. Of course, it’s been my experience…But I guess that me telling…How about…

Help me understand what you think of the simple steps and if you might be able to employ them in your communication to become a collector of information.  It would help you no longer to be a a teller (unless of course, you work at a bank).

Just a thought to ponder.

Robert Pappas


Linking the Language of Success

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